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Pressure Washing Vinyl Houses

If your home needs a power cleaning, then we can handle it for you hassle free, par excellence, & make it shiny and new again.

When a home becomes covered with dirt, grime and other unwanted substances like mold and mildew, it is time to take action by pressure washing the home’s exterior. Pressure washing is necessary if you want to keep your home looking great and especially if you want to maintain or even increase the value. It is a known fact that keeping the outside of houses clean will extend or at least get the full life out of the exterior products used to cover the walls like vinyl siding and especially painted wood.

The good news is pressure washing houses is a fairly easy task, that is if you have the right pressure washing equipment, the know-how and most importantly, some free time to spend performing the task. A commercial pressure washer may not be necessary, depending on what type of exterior your home consist of. If your home is brick then yes, you do need and should use a good high pressure washer. But if your house is covered with vinyl siding or any sort of wood siding, high pressure will usually cause more harm than good since low pressure and a professional strength siding cleaner is all that’s needed.

One of the main considerations with pressure washing vinyl siding and wood products is pressure. Damage commonly comes as a result from someone holding the tip of the power washer too close to the house and blowing holes in the siding or stripping the paint off the wood. Or, they use low grade cleaners and the only way they can get the walls clean is to hold the tip too close and again, damage is the inevitable result.


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Other pressure cleaning companies can be poorly trained and/or cut corners and not give you the full value and deep clean you need. That won't happen with us because we've seen everything under the sun in the past 25 years and keep up with contemporary trends and power washing techniques by attending conferences and reading the literature. 

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